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Rope Climb

Grip strength, core strength, and because it’s a fun skill to have!

Mobility Equipment

Used to develop flexibility, mobility and stability for joints and muscles.


Used for single or double arm strength work such as press, squat, etc. Good for shoulder stability and as an alternative to barbells.

Ab Mat

Mostly used for sit ups to open the abdominal muscles up for a greater range of movement and for the protection of the lumbar spine. Also used for cushioning when working on handstand press ups.

The Rig

Used for gymnastic movements such as pull ups, toes to bar, muscle ups, knee raises, and it also doubles up as a squat rack and bench press station.


Box jumps, step ups, seated squats. Used mainly for plyometric work and leg strength.


An all round multi-functional piece of equipment used for core strength, hip drive, stability and arm and shoulder muscular endurance. Used for swings, cleans, squats and presses.


Gymnastics, core and shoulder strength. Used for developing handstand ability, L Sits, and balance work. Also good for progressions onto the rings in terms of stability in ring holds.


Aerobic and anaerobic development. Full body workout and often used for endurance work as well as sprint training.

Olympic Rings

Gymnastic movements like muscle ups and ring dips. Brilliant for shoulder strength, core strength and grip strength.


Olympic lifting and power lifting movements such as the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Squat, Press, etc.

Weight Vest

An accessory used for resistance training.


Strength and resistance training accessory. Good for leg, core and shoulder strength and both aerobic and anaerobic work.

Speed Rope

Used for skipping. Good for aerobic capacity as well as plyometric work and grip endurance.

Wall Balls

Generally used as a weight for the movement consisting of squat with the ball and throwing it to a target.



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