Member Of The Month – November 2019


Our Member of the Month award for November goes to Matt Warrington. Matt is one of the loveliest guys, he attends the 06:30 class every day (the hardcore class) and we have seen such a transformation in him from when he first started that we feel he really deserves this award.


Matt will be the first to admit he would never has classed himself as a “sporty” person. He is a twin with Jordan who was in the marines so they are quite different in that respect and they started at M Squared at a similar time. They will both agree that Jordan was always the sporty twin and Matt was more interested in other things, however, since Matt started CrossFit he has gone from strength to strength and we have seen some great changes in him both physically and mentally. He is really nailing the gymnastics at the moment, getting pull ups and toes to bar, and seeing him get his first handstand push up was ace too. His confidence and athletic ability has grown so much and it has been so great to see. He is also kind and supportive to everyone else in the classes and so we think he really deserves this award. He is a pleasure to have around in classes, so likeable and coachable and never with an ego. Now for the question time…

M – How long have you been doing CrossFit?

MW– I started in April this year so around 8 months.

M – What class time do you normally attend and why does that work for you?

MW – I attend the 6:30am class, I tried some of the later classes but I really enjoy getting in before work, it sets me up for the day, really challenging myself and getting a great sense of achievement before my day would usually begin and it’s always a lovely group to train with.

I do attend endurance on a Saturday when I can which has helped my stamina a lot, and will be making a big effort to attend lifting on a Wednesday going forward.

– What is your why? Why do you put yourself through it each day? Do you have goals you want to achieve?

MW – This is such a tough question, it changes all the time. Initially it was only ever to get fit and try and loose some body fat. I’ve tried everything over the years, “conventional” gyms, private training sessions, running, you name it and for some reason or other I just never had the motivation to carry it on and eventually always found myself further backwards than when I started.

CrossFit and MSQD has been a massive game changer for me. I’ve finally found something I love doing (despite me moaning every time I see the board in a morning). Every session challenges me in a different way and there is always something to aim for, a heavier lift, a new gymnastics movement or a better time.

The more I have got in to it the more my confidence has grown and I want to push myself even more. I never thought I would take part in the open or do a competition but I’m really looking forward to my first one in January and really just want to make a good account of myself and go and and give it my all. Longer term I would like to improve my lifting technique and to get all my gymnastic movements, and double-unders too but I am sure that will all come with time.

M – What advice would you give anyone wanting to start CrossFit but is either unsure or nervous? We get people all the time saying they need to get fit first or they could never do what we do? Any advice for those people?

MW – I’m that person, this is the exact message I sent through the website:

“What level of fitness do I need to be at? I’m a bit concerned I wouldn’t be able to keep up at the minute.”

My advice would be do it now! My biggest regret is not doing it sooner, I watched Fittest on Earth on Netflix in around 2017 and really wanted to try Crossfit, I convinced myself I wasn’t anywhere near fit enough and that I would get fit and then try it but in reality I did nothing for 2 years so just come along and you’ll surprise yourself.

I was so nervous before my first session, I tried to hide at the back so no one would see how bad I was but I honestly had nothing to worrying about. MSQD is an amazing place full of amazing people, all the coaches and everyone you train with just wants you to succeed, People are genuinely happy when you get a new PB or finally manage a movement you couldn’t do before. Many times I’ve been cheered on to get me through the final few reps of the WOD and it really does get you over the line.

M -What is your biggest achievement so far in CrossFit and what are you most proud of?

MW – My proudest moment is definitely this, I train with so many brilliant people who I really look up to so when Em told me I was member of the month I was so made up.

I’ve achieved more than I ever thought was possible, from my first strict pull-up, hand stand push ups, completing my first WOD at RX, these were all things I never thought I’d be able to do, but to do them in my first year is all down to the amazing coaching I get every session and the support I get from all the members.

M – Thanks so much for your blog Matt. You are a mega member of the Breakfast Club and everyone loves having you around. 🙂