Member Of The Month – October 2019


Ruth has been a solid member of the breakfast club ever since she started at M Squared Fitness, attending the occasional other class, and obviously getting in at the weekend too, but always generally sticking with the 06:30am class. Sister in law to Andy Ford she obviously couldn’t ignore him about CrossFit for too long, and decided to come and try it out, and we are SO glad that she did!


Not only is she an absolute pleasure to have around, making everyone smile with her humour, being so supportive of everyone else and so so coachable, she also moves like an absolute dream, her olympic lifting is always on point, and she fully gets involved with everything M Squared, from partnering with Andy in the feMale Mixed pairs comp (although from speaking with her since I’m not sure this pairing will ever happen again haha!) to dressing up as the ALDI Christmas Carrot for the M Squared Christmas Party last year (being one of only 2 people in fancy dress!).

She always gets involved judging and helping out and in terms of her training she has come on SO much since she started. Proud to have you as Team M Squared Ruth! Now as always, we asked her a few questions… but first – I’d like to include this little paragraph she put in her email which really made me smile…

“Considering the first time I attempted a front squat I ended up literally sat on Gage’s feet, I think I’ve come a long way. But there’s still so so much to learn and improve on though.
As you may have guessed, I do love a barbell and I don’t like running. Box jumps scare me and handstands scare me even more! And don’t you dare make eye contact with me when I’m lifting! 🤣”
What I love about this is, despite the fact that these movements scare her, it never stops her trying them or doing them. She is so determined and has the right attitude towards her training.


M – How long have you been doing CrossFit?

RH– About 18 months now. I have always enjoyed sport and played basketball for many years, but I had never really even touched free weights before. I’d made fun of Andy Ford (the best brother in law in the world 😉) for years for doing CrossFit but he rightly pointed out “you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. So when Em kindly offered a free trial to NHS staff I had no excuses but to give it a go – since then I’ve been hooked.

M – What class time do you normally attend and why does that work for you?

RH – I am usually a member of the breakfast club, but I have to fit it around my shifts at work so it varies. I decided to do the 6.30am class as I’ve never been a morning person, so I figured making myself get up and go to gym might turn me into a more functional person in the morning. It worked, and now I feel it gives me more energy and sets me up right for the day ahead.

– What is your why? Why do you put yourself through it each day? Do you have goals you want to achieve?

RH – Crossfit came across my path when I was in a bit of a negative rut and the positivity I have found here has been uplifting.
Training is a great stress release and time when I can switch off mentally from the world.
I don’t have any aspirations to dominate the world of Crossfit! But I believe that anything you do, you should try your best – so, I want to continue to improve and try to be the best version of me.

M – What advice would you give people who are unsure whether to try M Squared or not?

RH – CrossFit is the way of getting fit!
The best advice would be not to compare yourself to others. I tortured myself for far too long by comparing myself to other members of the gym and proclaiming how shit I am.
This is silly!
You cannot compare yourself to others. Everyone is on their own journey. Some people may have been doing CrossFit for years, others have been doing it for weeks. Some people manage to get to the gym every day of the week, others fit sessions in around other life commitments. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so it is irrelevant to compare yourself to other people.
Try your best, have fun and before you know it, you will be doing things you never thought you could!

M -What is your biggest achievement so far in CrossFit and what are you most proud of?

RH – I am never going to be the fittest, strongest or fastest so my biggest achievements are a little more remedial.
Firstly, I have never died in a WOD, and there have been plenty of times I thought I was about to!
But I am most proud of doing things I never thought I would be able to do – I can climb up a rope to the ceiling; I’ve done a few handstands and I’ve learnt how to lift a barbell. Normal people don’t get to do these things in every day life!
More importantly, I am happy that M Squared and crossfit has helped me become healthier both physically and mentally. And I hope I can continue to improve and try to be the best me I can.

M – Thanks so much for your blog Ruth. Everyone at M Squared loves you and you are such a pleasure to have around. Keep being you and you will keep smashing it!