Member Of The Month – Emily Steel


She may not be old enough to drive, drink or vote, but she has certainly made an impression since joining M Squared… Massive congratulations to Emily for being our September member of the month.


Emily is just 16 years old but has been doing CrossFit since she was 14. She began doing CrossFit as part of her gym training through Swimming at Stockport Metro with Emma Gage as her coach. Gage noticed how talented she was and began PTing her in CrossFit, and eventually Emily made the move over to M Squared. Since she started she has gone from strength to strength. She is humble, hard working, competitive and coachable. She works on her weaknesses, encourages others, doesn’t have an ego, and has shown maturity beyond her years both in training and socialising with everyone in the gym. This year she made it through the open finishing 111th IN THE WORLD(!) in her age category, and qualifying for the online qualifiers for the games. She also won the Battle for Middleground teen competition where she finished first in every single event, and she made the podium at the feMale competition, the Fell Competition and took second place at The Rainhill Trials. And, not only that, but she absolutely smashed her GCSEs getting all As and A*s too. The future is very bright for Emily and sure you will agree she is massively deserves the MOTM award. So, as always, we asked her a few questions about her CrossFit journey so far…

M – How long have you been doing CrossFit?

ES– I’ve been doing crossfit since I was 14 (a little baby hehe), so just over 2 and a half years!

M – What class time do you normally attend and why does that work for you?

ES – I usually do the 5pm class because i’m still in school unfortunately… so I like to come straight after school and try to get as much done as possible💪🏻


– What is your why? Why do you put yourself through it each day? Do you have goals you want to achieve?

ES – I love competing so much so I train and push myself in training to be able to get as much out of it as possible to then be able to do well in comps. I also just enjoy it so much, I’ve never enjoyed a sport more, and I always look forward to training every day and want to just train all the time. I love the satisfaction of getting a PB lift or being able to finally do something like a muscle up, and it sounds weird but I also quite like the good pain after some workouts cause it always feels like i’ve achieved something and it’s done me good. I want to do well in the open this year and improve my rankings from previous years, that’s my main goal at the moment.           

M – What advice would you give people who are unsure whether to try M Squared or not?

ES – My advice to someone wanting to start CrossFit is to honestly do it sooner than later. Don’t hesitate because it does so much more good than bad and changes your life and your perspective of it in so many different ways. It not only teaches you so many different skills but teaches you how to push yourself to limits you never knew you could. It may seem scary but once you get into the first class it really isn’t, everyone is so so supportive and it’s all adapted to your ability, so it doesn’t knock you down at all, all it does is build your confidence and make you want to just improve. It’s such a positive environment and it’s helped me mature and grow so much as a person- I’m a completely different person now physically and mentally compared to how I was when I was 14, before I started CrossFit.

M -What is your biggest achievement so far in CrossFit and what are you most proud of?

ES – My biggest achievement so far in CrossFit would probably be qualifying through to the age group qualifiers after the open and ranking near the top 100 worldwide… which i’ll try and beat this year!

M – Thanks so much for your blog Emily. You are a brilliant part of M Squared Fitness, you show true grit and determination to achieve your goals, while still having fun along the way. While everyone is secretly jealous of your youthful ability to recover so well, 😉 we are all extremely proud of you.