Lockdown Member Of The Month – September 2020


Our September Member of the Month award goes to the one and only Damien! Everyone who knows Damien will agree that he is one of a kind and he does so much for M Squared and everyone in it that we felt he was deserving of this months award.


Damien (AKA Damo)  is pretty much part of the furniture at M Squared (he even won this award at last years Christmas party!) He can always be found chatting, making a brew, cleaning things, dancing (literally ALWAYS) and having a giggle with everyone and anyone. He supports and encourages everyone, he trains really hard, he always is on hand at events to help out, and recently has been absolutely smashing all of his PBs – which has been really well deserved. Watching Damo get better and better on his CrossFit journey has been ace, and below he will tell you a bit more about it…


M – How long have you been doing CrossFit?

DB – Started doing CrossFit at QDOS back in 2015 and when it closed it’s doors in 2016 I focused on Taekwondo until starting back at MSQD in Sept 2018 and it still feels like I’ve only just started. Still learning, still have a lot to learn and get better at.

M – What class time do you usually attend and why does that work for you?

DB – I started doing the 6:30am class – went about twice 😂. I float between the 7:15am, 9:30am, 12pm, 4:30pm, 5:45pm & 7pm so basically all of them apart from the 6:30am class as well as open gym. I have every intention of getting up and going but my body won’t allow me to get out of bed. Credit to all the people that do it 👏🏼

M – What is your why? Why do you put yourself through it each day? Do you have goals you want to achieve?

DB – I started CrossFit when I was in a very dark place in my life, I was obese (class 3), drinking to mask my pain of a messy break up and a bottle a night was the only thing that helped me sleep. l felt like my life was falling apart around me and I didn’t know what I could do to change that. Then Sonjia told me about MSQD, I sent an email and within a few minutes I got a response from the one and only Em Sav saying to come along and try it out. When I arrived I was greeted by a very smiley happy Gage and at that moment I knew I had found my happy place, my safe place. I know people say it all the time but l do genuinely love it here, after all I am “Part of the Furniture 2019”. I’m surrounded by like minded people that support each other for every pull up, every lift and when you fail a lift you’re encouraged by everyone to pick it back up again. My goal is to get better each time I go in the gym and I feel that I’m finally getting somewhere. I’m a long way off where I want to be but until then I’m going to continue to come in each day and do my very best and push myself further to get better, lift heavier and EVENTUALLY love snatch.   

M – What advice would you give anyone wanting to start CrossFit but is either unsure or nervous? We get people all the time saying they need to get fit first or they could never do what we do? Any advice for those people?

DB – Best advice would be to just turn up. You won’t regret it I know I don’t. Regardless of your ability if you’re strong, weak, fast or slow the coaches are phenomenal and they will find the best in you that you never knew you had.
When I started I had no upper body strength, my strength came from my legs after 20 years of Taekwondo. It took a while for me to even be able to lift a bar let alone anything else. But with the very patient coaches I can now lift a lot more than just the bar.

M – What is your biggest achievement so far in CrossFit and what are you most proud of?

DB – I have many achievements in terms of PBs etc but I’d say my biggest achievement so far has to be the life long family I have gained from the gym – my 2nd home.

M – Aww love that. Love how much of a family the gym is to you, and how you support everyone as well. Well done again Damo! Great blog and you deserve this award.