Member of the month – Kayleigh Edwards!


In my opinion no one deserves this more than Kayleigh. Everyone should know her story and then tell me why you don’t think you can do a class.


M – How long have you been doing CrossFit?

K –  I have been doing CrossFit on/off for a few years… I started originally about 6 years ago but after an accident I broke both my pelvis and shoulder so this put me out for quite a long time. After I was re-built I knew I had to go back to CrossFit. The support and the community are like nothing else and I knew everything is scalable so it was a no brainer! I’d say full time CrossFitting for just over a year now!

M – What class time do you usually attend and why does that work for you?

K – I usually drop into the 5pm class (and the weekend classes).. Karl finishes work at 4pm so if we are quick enough we can usually beat the traffic on the motorway. This leaves us plenty of time to hang around after if we feel like it… most of the time we do!!

M – What is your why? Why do you put yourself through it each day? Do you have goals you want to achieve?

K – My why… most people are aware of my why by now… because I’m pretty much part of the furniture… (hahaha) but for those that don’t, My “why” is because almost 6 years I ago I went through something that should have killed me… But it didn’t.
I lost a hell of a lot physically and mentally… I was well and truly at rock bottom. But I was still alive.

I’d be foolish not to grab at everything with both hands after that.

It’s been a verrrrrrryy long indescribably frustrating road to recovery … basically starting over from learning to walk again.
With plenty of ups and downs… definitely more downs! Then I met Em about two years ago and I was probably at one of my lowest points….
After more setbacks.. more health problems.. more restrictions.. I was on the verge of just stopping all together.
BUT with her own inspirational story and her belief and positivity she made me certain that I can be better..
And guess what.. she was right! (Of course she was right..!)

So here I am… more metal than bone, slowly getting a little bit stronger everyday because one day I will be as good as I used to be. One day I’ll be better than I used to be…
Im here because of you, Em!💕
Your gym is a huge part of my why, it’s literally my favourite place to be.

M – What advice would you give anyone wanting to start CrossFit but is either unsure or nervous? We get people all the time saying they need to get fit first or they could never do what we do? Any advice for those people?

K –  Advice…? Definitely just give it a go. I’m walking proof that you don’t need to be the fittest or strongest to absolutely love everything about CrossFit. There is no better place to start either… I’ve been to a few other boxes, but there is none as welcoming, supportive and friendly as M Squared! The coaching is unbeatable and the members are the loveliest genuine people you’d ever meet!
Plus, if you’re really that worried just be in at the weekend or 5pm.. I’m always happy to take a newbie under my wing!

M – What is your biggest achievement so far in CrossFit and what are you most proud of?

K – My biggest achievement is not quitting.
Seriously. That’s it.
Im the first to have a cheeky brag at new PB but really I’m most proud of the fact that even when I knew I was only able to 1/4 squat a PVC pipe, or deadlift an empty bar from the jerk blocks, I still kept showing up.. because it sucked! So much!!! In fact most days, I’d go home and have a little cry about it… but I maintained faith in my coaches and trusted the process. The only way is up! There are still things I can’t do .. like running and box jumps (but who likes doing that anyway…) but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.
Also, I am very proud of my Karl. Without his support none of this would have been achievable for me and it’s very rare to find one of us at the gym without the other!

Lastly, I just wanted to add that you guys at the gym are all my favourite people… the kind of people I admire and respect! I’ve even introduced my nephew JacobEdwards because you guys provide such a positive environment for development on all levels! And he loves his ‘cropfit’!!
I can’t get over how lucky I am to be a part of M Squared!!

M – Kayleigh we are lucky to have and know someone like you. You are so inspiring, strong and determined…..You make us proud everyday. I wish more people could be as positive in the face of adversity. You truly personify our mission statement of “Be Your Own Hero”