Well we don’t know about you guys but since going on lockdown we feel like we’ve been busier than ever! The M Squared community has really shown just how strong it is recently, and people have really come together as a team. We may be locked down but it can’t keep us down…


From the training side we have been hosting 2 x daily Zoom sessions for our members to join and see each-others sweaty faces during a garden or kitchen workout, as well as doing these workouts on facebook live too for people to interact with if they can’t get on zoom. We have also sent our members weekly Kit workouts to do with different pieces of kit depending on what they have. Not only that, we have created a Running club with 3 x weekly sessions, and a home gymnastics programme with 3 x weekly sessions too. We have created our own Covid Games – “The Closed” to keep people’s competitive spirits satisfied (some need this way more than others ;)) complete with a weekly “Castro style” clue from the legendary Chris G and a Thursday night Zoom announcement as to what the workout is! A fair few of our members are also taking part in the Support Your Box scheme which CrossFit HQ have announced, so we’ve got those WODs to complete as well, another way to get competitive! And we are also doing weekly mobility sessions too. So people have LOADS to choose from, and while the weather is so lovely it makes it even better.

If you didn’t think that was enough, the M Squared social calendar is very well packed at the moment!

It all started with the Em and Oz Saturday Night Takeaway! This was a mega night obviously hosted by Em and Oz (if you didn’t get that from the title then isolation is getting to you) which involved a brilliant (although certainly not easy) quiz, and even a “Win the Ads” section, which Roisin won! Prizes included a PT and an M Squared T shirt, as well as a bag of horse manure, a toffee crisp, a toilet roll and some latex gloves…. What a great haul! 😉 The night wouldn’t have been the same without an end of the show-show – which was a fantastic dance routine from both Em and Oz, and an even better mid-dance domestic because Oz got in Em’s way 😉 If you would like to see this, click HERE. 😉 Around 45 people joined in for this which was amazing and it was a right laugh. Joyce and Hannah were also the winners of the quiz – they absolutely smashed it, winning themselves a peck and yard dinner for 2! (of course it was sponsored by Peck & Yard!)

The end of the show-show was actually choreographed by the lovely Sarah W (to see the un-domestic version click HERE), who is a choreographer and dance teacher by trade. She has kindly been keeping us all entertained and having fun by choreographing a weekly dance routine for us all to learn! It’s easy enough that non-dancers can join in, and she releases a daily section for us to learn over 4 days. Then on the 5th day we all log into zoom and “perform” it together! Week 1 we covered Come Alive from the Greatest showman, and week 2 we learned a routine to Chris Brown – Run it. To see this dance – check it out HERE – although please understand that we’re not out of time, there is a slight delay on the streaming of the music for some people so half are in 1 time and half are in another haha! It’s been loads of fun and she’s a great teacher! Think we are going to be having weekly dance classes when the gym reopens! Having a week off this week but back on it next week and she’s got some good ideas coming up…

Rita (from team Rita and Paolo) hosted a “cook and talk Italian” evening last weekend, where she talked us through cooking a Pasta Ragu and teaching us some Italian terms and phrases along the way, as well as confirming that if you don’t have a corkscrew, you can hit the bottom of the bottle with a shoe and the cork will ease it’s way out! Nice little tip for you there! Paul C actually told us this fact but if an Italian confirms it then it must be true as they like their wine! 😉 The food was so delicious and it was so nice to cook alongside other people and have a laugh too. There was a prize for the best plate at the end and the lovely April won this and as you can see here – it does look good!


Jen organised a Virtual Grand National Sweepstake, which involved everyone who took part to pay £5, and then she hosted a Facebook live session where she picked the horses out of the hat for everyone involved (so we knew it wasn’t a fix and she wasn’t cheating haha!) We then logged into Zoom together to watch the virtual race, and it was decided that the winner would win £30, 2nd place got £20 and 3rd place got £10, with the rest of the money going to the NHS charity fund. However, all the winners decided to donate their money to the fund too, meaning we raised £200 towards the charity. Was a lovely idea.

This week has seen the start of the M Squared Cribs…. With people filming their houses in the style of cribs and posting on the members group for all to see, so far it’s been a great little bit of entertainment, and keeps everyone’s nosey traits satisfied too 😉 Paul C suggested this idea, however we have yet to see his house….. 3 guesses (you’ll probably only need 1) who’s cupboard this is…


And as it’s Easter we are having a “Design your own Easter egg” competition where you can paint/decorate/design/create your own easter egg and the winner will be decided on Sunday and there will be a prize! No doubt this will be posted on social media for you all to see!

So, ALLLL that and it’s only just the start of week 3! It really has been so lovely to see people coming up with different ideas and ways of keeping in touch and supporting each other, and hopefully once the gym is open again and we can get back to normal life, we will have an even stronger, tight-knit community and hopefully can continue quizzes and fun social activities even when we are able to just go to Nandos again (mmmm peri chips), it’s been fun getting creative. Top tip from Lisa Martin BTW for when you do get your first Nandos again…  take a pot of KFC gravy with you – it goes down a treat! Looking forward to seeing what fun the next couple of weeks brings!

We also hope everyone is doing well in Lockdown, and if M Squared can help with anything – please let us know 🙂