Member Of The Month – December 2019


Our Member of the Month award for December goes to Alice Forshaw. I think we can all agree just how far Alice has come since she first started at M Squared and is 100% deserving of this award.


When Alice first started we could see how much determination she had in her eyes when it comes to anything physical, however she was lacking a little bit in confidence in herself and her ability. Over the past year and a half we have proudly watched her grow into a much more confident girl and athlete, she has worked really hard on everything to do with her training, practicing her skills, working her mobility, and most importantly NOT giving up when things got hard or when she got a little niggle. Recently she has been struggling with Toes to Bars, but rather than giving up, she would stay behind and practice all the time, and finally it all pieced together and she nailed it. Β She is a brilliant CrossFitter and also makes time for everyone in the gym – is a lovely person to have around and has a relatively ok sense of humour too… πŸ˜‰

Lets learn a little bit more about her with a few questions…

M – How long have you been doing CrossFit?

AF– I have been doing crossfit for 18 months now. It’s gone so fast! But it also feels like I’ve been doing it forever πŸ˜„

M – What class time do you normally attend and why does that work for you?

AFΒ – I started off being part of the 06:30 crew and doing the class before work. But now I’m mostly a “5 o’clocker” because I don’t have to rush off afterwards so I can stay and play, and it’s more of a social thing too.


– What is your why? Why do you put yourself through it each day? Do you have goals you want to achieve?

AFΒ – I’ve always loved exercise and fitness. But CrossFit allows me to push myself and test myself physically and mentally. I love always having new things to work on and improve, I try to better myself in anyway that I can and see what I’m capable of. I train most days not just because I love to workout, but I love the atmosphere and the people at M Squared. It’s win win! In terms of goals, I just want to see how strong I can get. I’ve always been weak, particularly upper body, and I’ve improved massively but I know I can do more. And I hope to get more mobile so I can improve technically. Playing football for years and not doing proper recovery and conditioning is not recommended!Β πŸ˜„

M – What advice would you give anyone wanting to start CrossFit but is either unsure or nervous? We get people all the time saying they need to get fit first or they could never do what we do? Any advice for those people?

AFΒ – I was totally terrified when I first turned up to start! It’s perfectly natural to be unsure and nervous. It’s easy to form an impression of super strong, fit athletes who can lift crazy weight and do workouts that make you think, “why on earth would anyone want to do that?!” But when you turn up and see a class full of normal adults, doing adult PE, and having a great time, it’s easy to relax and enjoy it. Every movement is scaleable for everyone, there isn’t anyone who can’t take part. That’s the best thing about it. And you soon look at the WOD and think “Let’s do it!” πŸ˜‹ ..So if you are tempted to try, do it!Β 

M -What is your biggest achievement so far in CrossFit and what are you most proud of?

AFΒ – I think my biggest achievement is how I’ve developed as a person. Not just in the box, but in my everyday life. I’ve never been more happy and confident, and it’s allowed me to be me, and love myself. I love getting new PB’s and competing, as I’m (very!) competitive, but my real achievements aren’t about winning, but just doing myself proud and getting a bit more self-belief each day.

M – Thanks for being such a brilliant part of M Squared, so happy with how happy you are, and we love having you around as M Squared’s best piece of furniture πŸ˜‰